March 2019 State Committee Meeting

Last Monday, March 4, the New York State Democratic Committee, the leadership of the State Party, met in Westchester. This was a particularly productive meeting, with Jay Jacobs, the current leader of Nassau County's Democrats, being confirmed as the new State Party Chairperson. Chair Jacobs has promised to improve the party's fundraising and grassroots campaigning, seeking to create a cohesive statewide party apparatus. 

It was also encouraging to see that Chair Jacobs supported rules reform efforts to improve public access to the party's functioning. For instance, candidates for party offices, such as DNC Member, are now required to submit advance notice of intent to run and encouraged to provide biographies. For too long, important positions such as DNC Member have been selected with little to no public input or awareness. Fortunately, the process will now be more inclusive to New York's Democrats.

Unfortunately, the State Party did pass a resolution condemning fusion voting. Fusion voting is a process long used in New York and other states to allow parties to cross endorse candidates. This allows third parties to have the option to not serve as spoilers in elections. Along with many other State Committee members, I was strongly against this proposal and hope the NYS Legislature does not take this up as a bill.

Overall, the State Party continues to grow stronger and more effective, continuing its success from November 2018. Nonetheless, it is imperative that New York's Democrats maintain this level of enthusiasm so we can have a successful 2020.


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