The headlines coming out of Albany have been terrible, with corruption, cronyism, and sexual harassment being widespread. Yet, Albany doesn’t have to be such a broken place. With a lot of hard work, together we can fix our state government and our state’s Democratic Party.

Here are some common sense changes I am pushing for within the New York State Democratic Party:

  • Cleaning Up Albany: Corruption, cronyism, and sexual harassment has been widespread. Yet, the Party has been largely silent even as Democratic elected officials do things like support Republicans in exchange for perks like bigger offices and larger budgets. We need our Party to hold its bad actors accountable.
  • Making the Party More Progressive: The Party has continued to support elected officials and groups which endorse and caucus with Republicans. We won’t get important progressive legislation passed if the party continues to support right-wing Democrats. We need a Democratic Party which pushes our state leftward.
  • Party-Building: We need to build a stronger, larger, and more active Democratic Party. We need a Democratic Party which focuses on rebuilding itself from the ground up, by investing time and resources in building up local Democratic organizations in places like the Upper East Side and Roosevelt Island.
  • Staying Neutral in Primaries: Currently, the Party has often chosen to intervene in primaries, giving endorsed candidates an unfair advantage. Instead, the Party should remain neutral in primaries. Voters should be deciding who are elected officials are, not party bosses.
  • Bringing Change: I defeated an incumbent with many, many decades of experience. With the problems that exist in Albany, we need fresh leadership who is actually willing to challenge the culture of complacency which exists in Albany.

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