2019 Year-End Report

2019 Year-End Report

Adam Roberts

Democratic State Committee Member, 76th District

Less than a year from now, our country will be holding one of the most consequential elections in its history. In New York, Democrats are looking to hold their new majority in the State Senate and capture a number of Republican held congressional seats. With these important elections ahead, strengthening the New York State Democratic Party is essential. Over the last year, the State Party has become more effective and transparent, which you can read more about below. However, challenges remain, and Democrats must be vigilant in New York State and nationally.

Below you can find updates on my work as Democratic State Committee Member for the 76th District (Upper East Side and Roosevelt Island) over the last few months.

Voted to Open Up the 2020 Presidential Primary

New York State had some of the most restrictive voter laws in the country. Previously, someone changing their registration to be a Democrat would need to do so a year prior to the primary election they sought to vote in. For instance, a Republican or independent looking to vote in the 2020 Democratic Presidential Primary in April 2020 would have had to register as a Democrat in October of 2019.

The State Committee fought to open up our elections by convincing Governor Cuomo and the State Legislature to move the registration deadline for all primaries to February 14th of the year in which the primary is being held. This will provide months for voters to change their party affiliation, making elections more open and allowing more potential voters to participate.

Elected DNC Members

In the past, New York’s Democratic National Committee (DNC) Member selections were internal State Party votes without much notice or debate. As a result, few New Yorkers are aware of who their DNC Members are and DNC Members are generally not engaged at the grassroots level.

To change this, the State Committee supported efforts to open up DNC Member elections. At the October 2019 State Committee meeting, we held the first transparent (though internal) election for a New York DNC Member. Three candidates ran, with each providing notice of their candidacy and a biography, as well as speaking or having someone speak on their behalf. The winner was Byron Brown, the longtime Mayor of Buffalo, who brings decades of experience to the position. We hope this improved transparency presages future competitive elections to come.

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