2017-2016 Winter Report


Winter 2016-2017 Report

This has been a very exciting year on the Upper East Side. I was proud to have been elected as your District Leader in September 2015 and have spent the past year working hard on behalf of our community.

As your District Leader, I act as your representative to the Democratic Party. These responsibilities include selecting judges, poll workers, and members of the County Committee (they choose the Democratic nominee in special elections). A District Leader also act as a community organizer and voice for our neighborhood within the Democratic Party. Outside of politics, I am currently a graduate student at Columbia University, and before being elected worked for Council Member Ben Kallos and UJA-Federation.

Here is how I have been fighting for you over the past year:

•Leading the local resistance to Donald Trump, who won only around 15% of the vote in our neighborhood

•Organizing the neighborhood’s new and historic German and Central European businesses to ensure that the Upper East Side retains its unique cultural heritage.

•Fighting to ensure that Select Bus Service at 79th Street is established on schedule and without the problems of broken ticket machines and bus bunching that have affected the Select Bus on 86th St.

•Appointing new poll workers so that poll sites in the neighborhood are fully staffed and able to cope with the long lines expected for the 2017 Mayoral Election.

•Filling the entirety of the County Committee, the group that selects the Democratic nominee in special elections, to make sure that more community voices are heard when our elected officials are chosen.

•Recruiting dozens of new and young political activists into the Four Freedoms Democratic Club, the Democratic organization on the eastern half of the Upper East Side.

•Ensuring that open and fair elections for District Leader, State Committee Member, and party positions are being held on the Upper East Side for the first time in generations.

I look forward to serving you over the next year and having your support for reelection in September 2017. You may always feel free to reach me at [email protected] or 646-504-7587.


Adam Roberts

District Leader, Upper East Side

76th District, Part B

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